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Steam Cleaner - Multiple Sizes

Sizes: #964G: 1 gallon bottles (4/case), #964-5: 5 gallon pails, #964-55: 55 gallon drums. Also available in 270 gallon totes #964-270

Same formula as the #965 with enough water added to make the #964 Non-Corrosive. Removes baked-on grease and oil from engines and industrial equipment. CAUTION: Will strip paint from most surfaces in concentrated form. BIODEGRADABLE.

Picture of Steam Cleaner4 x1 gal
Steam Cleaner4 x1 gal
sold by the gallon
SKU: 964G
Picture of Steam Cleaner5 gal
Steam Cleaner5 gal
Steam Cleaner 5 gallon pail
SKU: 964-5
Picture of Steam Cleaner55 gal
Steam Cleaner55 gal
Steam Cleaner 55 gallon drum
SKU: 964-55
Picture of Steam Cleaner270 gal
Steam Cleaner270 gal
Steam Cleaner 270 gallon tote
SKU: 964-270
Products specifications
Type Truck Soaps