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PreSeason Ice Melt Specials

Ice Melt Specials

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Streakless Glass Cleaner 24 x 19 oz/case

SKU: 40A
40A 24 x 19 oz/case

429RED - Multiple Sizes

429RED: 10 x 14 oz. tubes/case, sold by each; 429RED120: 120 lb. drum, sold by the drum

1st Ayd Orange Nitrile Gloves w/ Textured Grip - Multiple Sizes

SKU: 1082L
1082M/1082L: 100/dispenser; 1082XL/1082XXL: 90/dispenser; 1082XXXL; 80/dispenser; all are sold by the dispenser

Brake & Metal Parts Cleaner 55 gallon drum

SKU: 74-55
74-55: Brake & Metal Parts Cleaner 55 gal drum

Degreaser, Heavy Duty Butyl - Multiple Sizes

SKU: 967Q
Sizes: #967Q and #967RTU-Q: 1 quart bottles - conc. & RTU (12/case), #967G: 1 gallon bottles (4/case), #967-5: 5 gallon pails, #967-15: 15 gallon drum, #967-30: 30 gallon drums, and #967-55: 55 gallon drums. Also available in 270 gallon totes #967-270

Blue Nitrile PF Glove 4 mil Gloves - Multiple Sizes

SKU: 1083L
1083S, 1083M, 1083L, 1083XL - 100/dispenser, 10 dispensers/case; 1083XXL 95/dispenser, 10 dispensers/case

UFO LED High Bay IP65 Fixture 150 watt 21,000 lumens

SKU: 7604
7604: 150 watt /21,000 lumens; sold by each

55 gallon capacity Polyliners - Multiple Sizes and Colors

SKU: 603-4Z
603ZZZ, C603ZZZ, 603ZZ, 603Z, 603U, R603U, C603U, R603ZZZ, 603VV, C603Z, 603KK, 603K, 603-4Z; All sold by the case

DRC Blue Wiper Rolls 250 sheets/roll 6 rolls/cs

Sold by the case. Strong, absorbent towels for auto and machine shops. Works like cloth for your tough jobs, absorbs grease and oil, even when wet, fits any standard towel dispenser.

Proknit White Jumbo Roll - Med Wht 1,100 sheets/roll 1 roll/box

SKU: 1026E
Sold by the roll. The special hydroentangled process creates a low-linting textured wiper to clean surfaces. Sheet size 12” x 12”. Great alternative to reclaimed cloth wiping rags. Use with 1026D or 1026WD dispensers. Dispensers sold separately.

Jumbo Jr 9" Toilet Tissue 2-ply 3.3" x 1000 ft 12rl/cs

SKU: 596E
596E: 4" x 1000' 12 rolls/cs

1st Ayd Hand and Surface Towels 70 sheets/disp. 6 disp/case

SKU: 176
176: 70 sheets/dispenser, 6 dispensers/case

Coverall Aerosol Interior and Exterior Coating 12 x 14 oz/case

SKU: 646A
#626A Coverall Aerosol Exterior Dressing 12 x 14 oz/cs

Aero-Ayd Rust Penetrant12 x 11 oz/case

SKU: 79A
12 x 11 oz/case

Rubberized Undercoater - Multiple Sizes

SKU: 705A
705A: 19.4 oz. aerosol (12/case) sold by each; 705Q: 1 quart bottles (6/case) sold by the quart; 705G: 1 gallon bottles (4/case) sold by the gallon

Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves - Multiple Sizes

SKU: N1104L
N1104: Small - Extra Large are 100/dispenser, 10 dispensers/case: Double Extra Large are 90/dispenser, 10 dispensers/case