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Odor Eliminator Fog4 oz (2 Part)

SKU: 664
Odor Eliminator Fog 4 oz

#664:  This is a professional Odor Elimination Product. It will eliminate any odor by attacking it at the source. It sends out a gas to kill the odor. 1) Remove all contents. 2) Pour the Odor Relief Powder from the 1 oz jar into the 4 oz jar. 3) Fill the 1 oz jar with cold water (DO NOT use hot water) and pour into the 4 oz jar. 4) Place the lid on the 4 oz jar and shake for about 10 seconds. This starts the chemical activation for odor removal. 5) Remove the lid from the 4 oz jar carefully and place inside the car (in the cup holder if possible). Close windows and lock the doors to prevent accidental inhalation. 6) A light fog will appear within 15 minutes. Fog for 1-3 hours. Recyle air vents as needed. 7) When finished remove container from car. Open all windows for 5-10 minutes. 8) Fill the 4 oz jar with water and pour contents down sewer drain. Dispose of container.