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Flex and Firm Seam and JointSealer 12 x 11 fl. oz/case

SKU: 700
#700: 12 x 11 fl. oz/case

Flexible seam and joint sealer. Sandable and flexible for unibody cars. Will not set up in the tube. In just 8-10 minutes you can feather it out (smooth by hand). Sets fast. Paintable in 30 minute. Will not shrink or crack. For use in any exposed joint or seam. Can be primed and painted over after a skin has formed. Natural in color. Excellent adhesion to bare, chemically treated or painted metal, glass, wood or plastic. Do not prime; color coat only. Will not stain painted surfaces. Cures completely in 72 hours. Never becomes hard or brittle. Will not crack or craze. Shrinkage is negligible.