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Duzitall - Multiple Sizes

970A: 18 oz. aerosol (24/case); 970Q: 1 quart bottles (12/case); 970G: 1 gallon bottles (4/case); 970-5: 5 gallon pails; 970-30: 30 gallon drums; 970-55: 55 gallon drums; 970-270: 270 gallon totes

A strong pine oil based ready-to-use all purpose cleaner for light to heavy cleaning. Easy to use and does not require excessive scrubbing to clean washable surfaces.

  • Removes: grease, ink, crayon, pencil, lipstick, greasy food soils, smoke film.
  • Use on: painted surfaces, walls, floors, counters, vinyl, office equipment, truck interior and exterior, fiberglass, aluminum.

This product DUZITALL! Available in concentrate form in bulk sizes.

Picture of Duzitall Aerosol 24 x 18 oz/case
Duzitall Aerosol 24 x 18 oz/case
970A: sold by the can
SKU: 970A
Picture of Duzitall 12x1 qt/case
Duzitall 12x1 qt/case
970Q: sold by the quart
SKU: 970Q
Picture of Duzitall 4x1 gal/case
Duzitall 4x1 gal/case
970G: sold by the gallon
SKU: 970G
Picture of Duzitall 5 gallon pail
Duzitall 5 gallon pail
970-5: sold by the pail
SKU: 970-5
Picture of Duzitall 30 gallon drum
Duzitall 30 gallon drum
970-30: sold by the drum
SKU: 970-30
Picture of Duzitall 55 gallon drum
Duzitall 55 gallon drum
970-55: sold by the drum
SKU: 970-55
Picture of Duzitall 270 gallon tote
Duzitall 270 gallon tote
970-270: sold by the tote
SKU: 970-270
Products specifications
Type All Purpose Cleaners