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Car Wash - Multiple Sizes

Sizes: #57G: 1 gallon (4/case), #57-5: 5 gallon pails, #57-15: 15 gallon drums, #57-30: 30 gallon drums, #57-55: 55 gallon drums, 270 gallon totes #57-270

Detergent concentrate for normal soil accumulations. Ideal for brush and cloth automatic car washes. High foam for foam brush applications. Lubricates brushes. Wets, penetrates, emulsifies, loosens soil, oil, dirt and grease film. Maximum suds at any concentration. Does not contain phosphates.

Picture of Car Wash4x1 gal/cs
Car Wash4x1 gal/cs
sold by the gallon
SKU: 57G
Picture of Car Wash5 gal
Car Wash5 gal
Car Wash 5 gallon pail
SKU: 57-5
Picture of Car Wash15 gal
Car Wash15 gal
Car Wash 15 gallon drum
SKU: 57-15
Picture of Car Wash30 gal
Car Wash30 gal
Car Wash 30 gallon drum
SKU: 57-30
Picture of Car Wash55 gal
Car Wash55 gal
Car Wash 55 gallon drum
SKU: 57-55
Picture of Car Wash270 gal
Car Wash270 gal
Car Wash 270 gallon tote
SKU: 57-270