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Scuff Pads & Sponges

Scuff Pads & Sponges

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Green Heavy Duty Scrub Pads (Niagara 3M) 60/case 10/inner pack

SKU: 831HD
Heaviest Duty Green Scuff Pads 60/case

Green Medium Duty Scrubbing Pads 60/case 10/inner pack

SKU: 831E
831E: Green Scrubber Pad Economy; sold by each

Green Heavy Duty Scrubbing Pads 60/case 10/inner pack

SKU: 831
831: Green Scuff Pad; sold by each

Medium Yellow Cellulose Sponge 24/case

SKU: 830
830: 24/case; sold by each

White Nylon Extra Fine Scuff Pad (No Grit) 20/box

SKU: 712
712: 20/box; sold by each

Magic Foam Eraser Sponge 12/pack

SKU: 7003
7003: 12 per pack. 2.5" x 4.75"

Do All ScrubberLarge - 3" x 5" x 3"

SKU: 7005
#7005: 3" x 5" x 3"

White Light Duty Scouring Pad 6" x 9" 20/box

SKU: 712E
712E: 20/box; sold by each

Utility Pad and Holder

SKU: 858H
Pad, Holder, and Handle sold separately