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Mop Heads & Handles

Mop Heads & Handles

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Large Blue Looped-End Wet Mop Head 6/case

SKU: 848
848: sold by each

Red Jaws Steel Mop Handle 6/cs

854JAWS: sold by each

Cotton Mop - Multiple Sizes

SKU: 850-16
Sizes: 850-16: 16 oz. 12/case; 850-24: 24 oz. 12/case; 850-32: 32 oz. 12/case; all sizes sold by each

Continuous Loop Cotton Mop-Banded 24 oz. 12/case

SKU: 851-24
851-24: sold by each

Nylon Continuous Loop Mop - Multiple Sizes

Sizes: Small, medium and large - all sizes 12/case and sold by each

Green Washable Mop Heads - Multiple Sizes

SKU: 852-24
852-24: 24 ounce and 852-32: 32 ounce. Both sizes 12/case

Green Microfiber Wet Mop 18 oz. 12/case

SKU: 850G18
850G18: sold by each

Wingnut Mop Handle 1-1/8" x 54"

SKU: 853
853: sold by each