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Towels & Drying Products

Towels & Drying Products

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Large Synthetic Chamois34" x 23"

#59LARGE: 34" x 23"

Magna Shine Water DemonDrying Cloth 17"x27"

#N59DEMON: 17"x27"

WHITE Microfiber Wiper12"x12" 5 lbs/case

SKU: 1007-5
#1007-5: Microfiber Wiper 12x12 5 lbs/case

Economy Microfiber Towel Blue 16"x16" 200/case

SKU: E1008BL
#E1008BL Blue Microfiber Towel Economy 200/case

Jumbo Microfiber Towel-Green 24/case

SKU: 1008GR
Jumbo Green Microfiber Towel

Windshield Towels 2-ply 9x250 (2,250)/case

SKU: 609
#609: 9 packets of 250 per case (2,250 total)

Windshield Towels2,250/case

SKU: 609E
#609E: 2,250/case

KC L10 Windshield Towels2,240/case

SKU: 609L
#609L: 2,240/case

Shop Roll Towels - Multiple Options

#1001RED: (60 sheets/roll 20 rolls/case) #1001WHITE: (90 sheets/roll 20 rolls/case) #1001BLUE: (55 Sheets/roll 30 rolls/case)

Off-White Wipers-in-a-Box250'/box (10"x12.5"/sheet)

SKU: 1002
#1002: Off-White Wipers-in-a-Box 250'/box (10"x12.5"/sheet)

Scrim Reinforced Wipers 20 lbs/case

SKU: 1011-20
#1011-20: 20 lbs/case

Economy Scrim ReinforcedWipers 20 lb/case

SKU: 1011-20E
#1011-20E: 20 lb/case

Blue Shop Towels

6 rolls/box (1 Roll = 250 sheets)

Tan Wipes on a Roll6 rolls x 250 sheets/cs

SKU: 1015TAN
#1015TAN: sold by the bag

Heavy Duty White Pop-UpWipers 900/case (9x100)

SKU: 1017
#1017: Heavy Duty White Pop-Up Wipers 800/case

Heavy Duty Blue Pop-Up Wipers 900 Wipers/case

SKU: 1018
#1018: 900 Wipers/case (100/box, 9 boxes/case)

Economy Heavy Duty Blue Pop-UpWipers 900/case (10x90)

SKU: 1018E
#1018E: Economy Heavy Duty Blue Pop-Up Wipers 9x100/case

Ultra Wipe Pop-Ups 9x17 in.900/case (9x100)

SKU: 1019
Ultra Wipe Pop-Ups 9x17 in. 900 Wipes/case

Tuff Scrim Pop Up Wipers900/case (6x150)

SKU: 1020
#1020: 6x150/case