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Cloth Rags

Cloth Rags
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Sweatshirt Wipers45 lbs/case

SKU: 999G
Wipers, Sweatshirt 45 lbs./case

Sweatshirt Wipes - Smaller Cut 45 lbs/case

SKU: N999G
#N999G: 45 lbs/case

Extra Soft T-Shirt WipesWipes 45 lbs

SKU: 999P
#999P: 45 lbs./case

Huck Towels 45 lbs

SKU: 999T
#999T: 45 lbs./case

Heavy Duty Food Service Towels 150/box

SKU: 5255HD
5255HD: sold by box

Flannel Wipers45 lbs

SKU: 999I
#999I: 45 lbs./case

Food Service Towels 200/box

SKU: 5255-200
5255-200: 200/box; sold by the box

Unbleached T-ShirtWipes 45 lbs

SKU: 999N
#999N: 45 lbs./case

Rewashed Near WhiteWipes 45 lbs

SKU: 999NE
45 lbs./case

Colored Polo Wipers - Different Case Options

SKU: 999M
#999M - 45 lbs./case #999M25 - 25 lbs./case

Gray T-Shirt Wipers25 lbs/case

SKU: 999K25
#999K25: 25 lbs/case

Economy Turkish Towels - Multiple Sizes

SKU: 1004-10
#1004-45: 45 lbs./case, #1004-25: 25 lbs./case, #1004-10: 10 lbs./case