Outside Sales Representatives Needed!!

1st Ayd Corporation is a growing, financially solid manufacturer/distributor of janitorial and industrial maintenance supplies, established in 1974.


Our outside full time sales representatives employed 2 + years had a mean (average)

income of $101,556 in 2017. Top reps made over $550,000 in commissions and overrides last year.


     We still need additional outside sales representatives for our growing, financially sound, Elgin, Illinois manufacturer/distributor, established in 1974. You’ll be selling over 100,000 high repeat items including cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools and equipment, maintenance supplies, paper products, shipping supplies, lighting, gloves, wipers, rags, industrial safety products, floor mats, drill bits, fasteners, tools, etc. You’ll also have pricing authority and some of the lowest costs in the Midwest. No paperwork, no reports to fill out, no travel, no evenings, thorough training, and minimal supervision that will make you feel like you own your own business. 35 of our 100+ person sales force has worked here over 10 years. We’re open 7:30 am to 7 pm. Over 93% of stocking items are shipped the same day. Over 1,000 items we stock are under our private label. We also self-manufacture over 100 liquid and powdered cleaners. We treat our sales force like customers!  Normal commissions and other incentives total $43,000 to $88,000 for a new recruit who makes our full quotas his/her first 12 months.  We can verify this for you.


The ideal candidate must possess the following:

1) Outside cold call/sales experience

2) Abililty to make 1,000 to 2,400 cold calls in your first year

3) Contractual commitment to work full-time (absolutely no sidelines or concurrent jobs without written permission from 1st Ayd Corporation)


The successful candidate can achieve:

1) 1st year income up to the high 80's

2) 2nd year income up to low $100,000

3) 100% employee paid 401K is available

4) Thorough classroom and field training

5) Option to recruit and and train others

6) We offer over 70 One Hour Training videos online to watch



This is a W-2, not a 1099 position.


If you are a success minded person who enjoys a family friendly work environment, 1st Ayd Corporation is ready to give you the opportunity to achieve your goals. The earning potential is up to you.  Please e-mail your resume to sales@1stayd.com and we will have a sales manager contact you.



*Current contract, not this ad applies at time of hire

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