Starting Fluid 24x10.7 oz/cs

Item Code: 1-11

Pack/UOM: EACH (24 per case)

Blue Rag Outside the Box 6 x 250 sheets/bag

Item Code: 1015

Pack/UOM: CASE (6 per case)

Heavy Duty White Pop-Up Wipers 800/case

Item Code: 1017

Pack/UOM: CASE (800 per case)

Heavy Duty Blue Pop-Up Wipers 900 Wipers/case

Item Code: 1018

Pack/UOM: CASE (900 per case)

Yellow Rubber Coated Cotton Gloves

Item Code: 1141

Pack/UOM: PAIR ("Sizes Available: Medium, Large, and Extra Large")

Blue Latex Coated Cotton Knit Gloves w/Rough Finish

Item Code: 1142

Pack/UOM: PAIR ("Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large")

Mirrored Safety Glasses

Item Code: 1151

Pack/UOM: EACH ("Types Available: Amber, Blue, Clear, Clear Anti-Fog, and Silver")

Green Apple Waterless Hand Cleaner

Item Code: 152

Pack/UOM: VARIOUS (Sizes Available: 30 x 12 oz. bottles and 4 x 1 gallon bottles)

Grape Hand Cleaner w/Pumice

Item Code: 161

Pack/UOM: VARIOUS (Sizes Available: 30 x 12 oz. bottles and 4 x 1 gallon bottles)

Deicing Rock Salt 50 lbs 49 bags/skid

Item Code: 473-50

Pack/UOM: BAG (49 bags per skid)

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt

Item Code: 477

Pack/UOM: VARIOUS ("Sizes Available: 40 lb. pails (36 per skid), 50 lb. bags (50 per skid), and 150 lb. drums (8 per skid)")

Half as Much Green Earth Ice Melt 50 lb Bags

Item Code: 482

Pack/UOM: VARIOUS (Sizes Available: 11 lb. shaker jars and 50 lb. bags (50 per skid))

Stretch Wrap 18 in. x 1500 ft 80 gauge 4 rolls/case

Item Code: 547

Pack/UOM: CASE (4 per case)

Wash & Wax Concentrate

Item Code: 55

Pack/UOM: VARIOUS ("Sizes Available: 6 x 1 gallon bottles, 5 gallon pails, 15 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums, and 55 gallon drums")

Car Wash

Item Code: 57


Gatorade 21 oz Instant Powder Pouch Variety Pack 32/Case

Item Code: 5982

Pack/UOM: CASE (32 per case)

Premium Cottonelle Toilet Paper 60 4x4" rolls/case

Item Code: 614

Pack/UOM: CASE (60 per case)

Moldex Particulate Respirators 10 Respirators/Dispenser

Item Code: 715

Pack/UOM: DISP (10 per case)

Heavy Duty Floor Soap w/Purple Dye

Item Code: 72P

Pack/UOM: VARIOUS ("Sizes Available: 50 lb. drums, 100 lb. drums, 150 lb. drums, and 450 lb. drums")

Milwaukee Dustless Medium Broom

Item Code: 772

Pack/UOM: EACH (12 per case)

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